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We're supporting two charities with our campaign and they are both subsidiaries of University Hospitals Birmingham 


Fisher House Foundation builds comfort homes where military & veteran families can stay free of charge, while a loved one is in the hospital.

In the USA The Fisher House Foundation begun in 1990 and today they have over 90 houses across the country. 

In the UK we have 1 house so far and it's right next to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. That's who we're supporting!


Diving with the Injured take injured military personnel and their surgeons scuba diving as an adventurous outlet for everyone.

As a surgeon it can be traumatic to perform amputations and other life changing surgeries, especially if you may never see the person again. 

As a patient who's received a life-saving surgery that you're incredibly grateful for but also something that's going to change your body and what you're capable of for the rest of your life is a unique position to be in.

DWI create a reunion of doctor and patient where one can thank the other and they can both participate in an adventure together. 

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