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About Us

The Adventure Antidote, our mission is to help people break free from their routines and seek out adventures their own.


In our personal experience getting outdoors is what keeps us sane, whether it's the rush of jumping out of a perfectly good plane, the peace of hike in the woods or the pain of repeatedly falling of a board into the sea, we couldn't live without it.

As a part of our campaign we'll be partnering with UK businesses that align with our value and will help people to get involved locally as well as international partners that can help if you're inspired to go further afield.



Height: 178cm

Weight: 79kg

Occupation: Technology Sales Exec

Originally from the country, spent 8 years or so living the pre-covid corporate lifestyle. Working late, squeezing in a HIIT class and then finding somewhere edgy for a few cocktails. Sleep. Repeat.

Since lockdown, I've been able to work remotely, so I decided to move to Wales and I've discovered how passionate I am about outdoor adventures. I want to spend as much time as I can, surfing, climbing, camping, hiking, rowing, running... Whatever it is. I'll do it! It's done wonders for my mental and physical health and I'm hoping I can help more people like me who might get caught up in that corporate cycle today, feeling stressed, anxious or even depressed, helping them to get outdoors and experience nature.  

Completing these challenges is important to me because it's been a long time since I set a goal that was personal, rather than professional and I'm excited to achieve something to be proud of just for myself.


Height: 180cm

Weight: 84kg

Occupation: Parachute Jump Instructor for the Royal Air Force

Despite my own personal denial, when it was looking bleak for my Brentford FC footballing career I had to decide on a plan B. 

Joining the RAF has been a great journey in itself and it's the perfect job for me, starting out as a Physical Training Instructor and then being promoted to a Parachute Jump Instructor where I've now clocked almost 150 jumps myself and I teach the military how to parachute. 

I'm always after a physical challenge and if it's one that get's your adrenaline pumping too then I'm sold. The Adventure Antidote is important to me for a couple of reasons: 

1. I feel very lucky to have the job I do and I'd like to use this to inspire more people to seek their own adventures. 

2. Someone's got to take care of Jake on that row!

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