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Rowing the Indian Ocean

Australia - Tanzania

April 1st 2025 - ? (hopefully June)

The Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the third-largest in the world's, covering 70,560,000 km² which is 20% of the Earth’s total surface.

The 8,500km Row

We will be the first pair to ever complete this row in recorded history. The Ocean Rowing Society are the governing body for keeping records of any ocean rows on behalf of Guinness World Records. To date only one other person has completed this row, Rob Barton (solo) took 86 days to navigate the distance.


Training for the row with support from Rannoch Adventures, the Military and teams on the ground supporting us during our crossing we will plan to depart Australia in approximately April 2025 arriving in Tanzania some 60-90 days later depending on the conditions we face on the open sea.

Whilst on the Ocean we will be rowing for 24-hours a day between us, cleaning the barnacles off the boat, navigating and communicating with nearby ships, eating and hopefully getting some sleep!

Important Donation Information

We are fundraising for this challenge

To get to the shoreline in Australia prepared to set this record we need to raise money for a boat, equipment, safety kit, communication devices, training and transport.

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