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Summiting The Matterhorn

Zermatt, Switzerland

3rd-5th September, 2024

The Mountain

Perched above the Zermatt Valley, the imposing Matterhorn needs little introduction — at 4,478 m (14,692 feet), it is the most difficult classic in the Alps and probably the most easily recognised peak in the world.

The Plan

Day 1 - acclimatisation: Check-in in Zermatt. Meet with the guide, go over safety and training drills to prepare for the ascent.

Day 2 - Approach and Arrive at the Hornli Hut: Follow a hiking trail to the Hörnli Hut at 3,260 m/ 10,695 ft. The climb to the hut

takes about two hours. After dinner, discuss the schedule plan for the next day and control your equipment once again. Hit the sack

as tomorrow will be a very strenuous day.

Day 3 – Summit Day: Wake up at 4am and head to your technical 1,200 m/ 3,940 ft ascent and descent. It will be difficult to find

the correct path in the dark so it is very important to walk carefully—every misstep could start a rockslide. After a total of 5 hours,

we reach the isolated peak at 4,478m. Descend along the same route and after another 5 hours arrive back at the Hornli Hut.

Important Donation Information

We've self-funded this challenge

That means none of the money we raise will go toward our bid to summit, travel, kit or expenses

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