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The Icebug Frozen Lake Marathon

Tielsa Fjord, Norway

March 24th, 2024

This unique event is only open to 500 participants each year and takes place on a track that is entirely made of ice!

The ice on the lake is approximately 80cm thick and has a carrying capacity of up to 30 tons. When people aren't running on this lake it's often used for testing tyres and training drivers who need to be prepared for icy conditions. 

Each year the team monitor the lake and then plot out a 21.1km track that we'll complete 2 laps of to finish the full marathon distance. We'll need to wear special trainers with spikes to give us grip and the Icebug team recommend adding at least 20% to your usual marathon time due to the treacherous conditions. 

Important Donation Information

We've self-funded this challenge

That means none of the money we raise will go toward our race entry, travel or expenses

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